Welcome to our Raise Your Game for Dementia UK board game event page.


A collaboration between DOALG & Geek Retreat Lincoln. to help raise money for Dementia UK. Our event will be taking place on the 6th Nov @ Lincoln Geek Retreat from 11am up until 9pm - See map below.


Entry to the event will be £5 but with it you will get a choice of either a snack or a shake of your choice from the Geek Retreat menu.

The event will be run as a league with five games available:

  • Forbidden Island (Cooperative)

  • Star Realm: Frontiers (Deck Builder)

  • Carcassonne (Tile Laying)

  • Catan (Resource Management)

  • Lords of Waterdeep (Worker placement)

Play as many or as few of the games as you like and submit your scores. The player with the best combined score* at the end of the day will be the ultimate winner.

Not played any of the games before? Well don't worry, the DOALG crew will be on hand to help teach games, settle any rules disputes and maybe even join in a game or two if you need extra players.

* scoring will be determined by a weighted score to balance out the different scoring mechanisms for each game. and will only include the best score submitted for each game per person.

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You can Donate now on our JustGiving page now...

Just click on the just giving logo on the left. Thanks

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Special thanks to our friends Paul and James from Stone Sword Games for sending some amazing prizes for winners and the raffles


Also thanks to Bevan from Tinkerbot Games for your prize donation too of Ghostel