About Diary Of A Lincoln Geek

What is DOALG Stand for?


"Diary Of A Lincoln Geek"


What do we do?

Play and review board game!

We are also a VLOG, BLOG, or if you prefer an entertainment magazine to do with anything gaming related.. specifically board games if I had to describe it.


At Diary Of A Lincoln Geek, our goal is to provide the gaming community with informative, innovative content that not only enhances their gaming experience, but provides the support gamers need to good overviews of their games which they already own or are considering backing (Kickstarter) or buy.

Our comprehensive gaming review site has been created by geeks, for geeks, which means everything you read is fully tested and ready to be put into practice.


We rely on help from our loyal community to make sure we offer the best perspectives possible, so please get in touch with additional questions.