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#DOALG at UK Games Expo 2022

We had the pleasure of attending UK Games Expo 2022 as tabletop industry press, broadcasting several live streams with game designers and publishers throughout the weekend. You can see archives of all our live streams below, or click the button to see the team's reflections on a weekend at the UK's biggest gaming convention.


We chatted with Paper Boat Games about their upcoming board game Cloud Foxes, which is due to come to Kickstarter later in 2022

We've loved chatting to Brambledown Designs online, watching their videos, and joining in with their "cup of tea" song! Mr Chris also treated himself to some geeky art. There might be some singing in the live stream too...

Cogito Ergo Meeple - Solar 175

Senjutsu was one of George's favourite things to preview at UKGE 2021, so we were pleased to see Stone Sword Games back again with a much bigger stall, giving us a chance to chat about Daimyo, the successor to Senjutsu, and Cosmoctopus, represented by an inflatable purple tentacle!

Crown of Ash by Card Noir is one of Mr Chris' most anticipated upcoming game releases, and it's got some great art too. Watch the stream and take a look!

Swatch was designed by a graduate of the University of Lincoln, so it was nice to chat with someone from our neck of the woods about one of the most polished looking abstract games of 2022. We've reviewed it since then!

Stop Drop & Roll are one of the friendliest teams you can meet at UK Games Expo, and they wanted to chat to us to show off their upcoming hedgehog-themed game...


Pearl is one of the designers of Cake of Doom, and one of the best people to get you going at 9am on a convention morning! We've also chatted about this one on an episode of Let's Talk Board Games.

Blue Donut Games showed off Horror in the Library on one of our Saturday morning streams. It's an exciting tile laying game with a unique rotating tiles mechanic, and while the first Kickstarter didn't fund, they'll be relaunching in 2023.

Dan is a good friend to DOALG - he's even contributed an article about his Kickstarter success - and we chatted to him about dinosaur card game Raptor Island, which sold out at UK Games Expo 2022!

Our second library themed game of the day is all about female fiction writers tackling the monsters they created - and the good news is it's already funded on Kickstarter, and should be available more generally in 2023.

Kosmos publish loads of games, and we managed to get a smorgasbord of the last year's releases from Nicky, who has been the friendly face of Kosmos UK at UK Games Expo for us for a while now! Specifically, we took a look at Dodo, which has a moving boulder part...

UK Games Expo is just the other side of summer from the spooky season, and Haunticulture by Tinkerbot Games has the perfect aesthetic for fans of the autumn months.

Nikita of Atikin Games isn't just a friend of the DOALG team, but also makes some incredible handcrafted games. Malem Hortus is the upcoming Kickstarter, but there are also gaming related items like the Board Game Survival Kits.


Dranda Games - Isle of Trains

Hyperwars - Dice Coalition Games

The Old King's Crown - Eerie Idol Games

Bez is one of the most renowned creators in the indie tabletop gaming space, and this year she's been creating a new game for every convention she's been to. There are some very quick rundowns of these games in this stream, so you might want to have a pen and paper to hand!

Blood on the Clocktower has become one of the DOALG team's favourite games online, and UK Games Expo presented George & Suey with their first chance at playing it in person (and they got to ask a few questions too).

Dragon Painter are embarking on the project of getting new people involved in the world of miniatures. How? By creating subscription boxes that contain a figurine, all the paints you'll need to paint it, and some handy instructions. Everything you'll need to get started is here!

This final live stream turned out to be one of our favourite games of the weekend. Psychobabble by Cheatwell Games has an incredible art style, and they've also managed to create a social deduction game where nobody has to lie...

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