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"I really appreciated the time you took to get to know what we are working to accomplish at Zebrafish Games. I loved talking about our future plans, and loved hearing your thoughts on making our idea even better."

-Chris Backe (Zebrafish)


"Honestly, I loved your clarity, overall excitement about the product and your editing. The flow of speak was very smooth and you all did such a wonderful job engaging the subject with great questions. Overall, it was a joy."-Devon Mettlin (Megapulse)


"The lovely folks at DOALG were brilliant to work - and play games! - with, and between their review and the playthrough they put a lot of thought and attention into what really brought our game to life, with balanced critique and questions. There’s no doubt we’ll be getting their feedback on our upcoming games, and I look forward to enjoying their company in the future!" -Laurie Blake (Earth Rising)


"Working with the folks at DOALG was fantastic from start to finish. They were more than professional at every step of the way without sacrificing any of what makes the board game hobby so fun. 😆


Getting to chat with them on the live show was a great and smooth experience. I would highly recommend any enthusiast of tabletop gaming to check out their website. And if any of you reading are interested in becoming a game designer yourself, then definitely get yourself a slot on a future DOALG live stream ☺️" - Wonmin Lee (Sysifus Corp)

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"The entire Diary of a Lincoln Geek team have been brilliant to work with. They quickly made me comfortable and put me at ease on their live show despite my pre-show nerves. They were all wonderful to chat to and since my first appearance on the show I’ve been able to meet and get to know even more of the team! 

They have been a pleasure to work with and I can't wait to see what they think of my next games. I welcome their feedback and know they will be honest but considerate."

" - Nikita Sullivan (Atikin Games)

" I had a great time, the show was super fun, and the guys are very nice. I felt comfortable, and I was happy to show my game during the live. I would definitely love to be back!"

" - Talita Rhein (Dogo Dash)


"Our very first live interview in the world of Table top Games was with DOALG and a nicer group of people you couldn't hope to meet! Friendly, knowledgeable, helpful and very gentle with us mere novices like we were back then! 

We can't wait to collaborate with them again soon and wouldn't hesitate to recommend working with them whether it be for previews, reviews or just a friendly chat!

Top bunch! Six thumbs up from the three of us! "
 - Ben Cooper-Muir

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"If you’re a game designer you cannot do better than


- great reviewers who have passion and insight and a great podcast and the best people"  - Steve Dee

"The video you made of our boardgame was amazing it helped drive sales and traffic to our kickstarter thank you so much!

 - Danielle Hampson

Liverbird Publish

"You were really friendly and helpful when I asked whether you could review my game and have given some lovely feedback."

 - Alison Critchly

Tables Tastic

"The enthusiasm of the whole DoaLG team is infectious; the care and effort they put into their content is incredible. I couldn't have asked for better coverage of Cosmoctopus; it was clear in the team's review that the game had been played many times, and when appearing on the podcast they immediately made me feel at home. Thank you!

" - Chris Kingsnorth (Paperfort Games)


"Pure enthusiasm. Always a pleasure to work with at Expos. Punctual and accommodating! Such a charming bunch!

" - Nicky Thomas-Davies (Kosmos)

"I really loved how you "got" the concept of the game: what it was intended for, how it could shine and bring a smile to people.."

 - Andrew Prowse


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