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Affiliate & referral links

These are some of the services we use to create all the things that make up Diary of a Lincoln Geek. If you're interested in creating stuff too, they might be useful to you - and you can support us financially by using the links below to subscribe to them.

Epidemic Sound.png

Epidemic Sound provide us with some of the music and sound effects we use in podcasts and videos. They have a huge audio library that's neatly categorised, so you can find something that suits your audiovisual project. And their simple subscription model makes licensing easy.

Epidemic Sound

StreamYard allows us to live stream on multiple platforms at once, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Twitter, and TikTok. It integrates with comments sections on all platforms so you can display viewer interactions while broadcasting. It has its own simple graphics, or you can upload your own branding too. Most importantly, it's really simple to use!

Rent Shuffle & Roll Logo.png

Rent Shuffle & Roll is a board game rental subscription service - the perfect way for you to try more new games at home! If you really like the game, you might also be able to buy it from them to keep. They're kindly providing us with more copies of games to review, and you'll see some of our reviews when you look through our catalogue.

Rent Shuffle & Roll

We keep hold of our website using


FR Illustrations

Fraz is the artist who designed our most recent T-Shirt design (Ink Shaking Down the Monopoly Guy), he is always open to commission work. He is into geeky stuff and his work is amazing so do check him out.



This is an amazing metric tool that we use for all of social media posts and analytics, do check it out.

Very useful

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