BG4D - Board Games 4 Dementia

What can board games do for Dementia patients?

To enhance memory and retention, board games help a lot to improve brain health. Of course you need to select the appropriate board games for patients to play if they suffer from specific disorders like dementia or Alzheimer's. 

From strategy to memorization focused games, there are various board games for any patient to enjoy. Aside from entertainment, board games help to train and enhance brain, social and physical skills.

Why Dementia?

Several of the #DOALG team, have family or friends with Dementia and all know too well what this can do... but also I think the bigger question to ask is what is Dementia as some of you reading this may not know...

Dementia is a memory-related issue that commonly occurs with old age.


We at #DOALG feel why we are able to help fundraise for Dementia UK, we want to do more, so we have been talking with friends in the gaming community and we think we can actually get real games into homes where they may not have a lot of board games..


Some of the Amazing companies to #donate to our scheme so far..

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