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Get hooked on Dodo - the fun and addictive board game from Kosmos!

Updated: May 21, 2023

Dodo, Kosmos Games

Players: 2-4

Ages: 6+

Game Time: 10 mins


The Dodo game box. It shows a cartoonised version of the mountain from the game with two very happy children on it. An egg is mid air about to go down a chute. The Dodo log is multicoloured and feathered

Welcome to the island kingdom of Mangalopanesia! The dodo has proudly laid her egg on the highest mountain peak. But, watch out! A moment later it falls from the nest and rolls at high speed down the mountain to the edge of the cliff … Can you and your team save it? All players have to work together to build the bridges and bring the rolling wobbly egg safely to the rescue boat at the foot of the mountain. Speed and teamwork are essential in this frantic, fun game for ages 6+, Save the egg and win the game!

This is pure joy and some of the best 10 mins playing what is at the core a "children's" game.

From the get go, you are drawn into the world of the Dodo. The cute art and the bright colours really get you, and you think you are buying it for your kids, but when you play it for the first time, you already start to think about playing this with a group of drinking friends as an ice breaker to an evening of games, knowing you'd all have a sqawk.


Dodo from Kosmos is fast paced, and with the random luck element alongside memory skills, you'll be hardpressed to manage as you all scramble to get bridges in place so the egg that is rolling down the mountain doesn't become a mountainside omlette that Humpty Dumpty would be proud of. Yes, that's right the nearly extinct dodo has laid her egg at the top of a very rocky and unstable mountain and you all as a team take it in turns to find matching tiles to build bridges down the mountainside. This time preasure game is certainly fast, and is not easy. Whilst you may complete or crash and burn in and around 10 mins, you'll be resetting it to "just play it again". It's addictive for sure and the colourful, wonderful art gets a bakers dozen.

The Dodo game game box in the background with the non-popped carboard game sheets and unassembled plastic mountain parts  laid out in front of it and the rules sheet stood up at the back


This is not only beautiful to look at and whimsical, but is practical too. Whilst elements of the game setup are fiddly, it is all essential and has been carefully designed to be quick to assemble. Mr Sam and myself quickly had this popped out (sorry Mrs Geek) and assembled, ready for our egg to wobble down the mountain. The elements are made with sturdy card which is well laminated, strong enough to survive kids and rambunctious adults (may survive spilt drinks) and anything they throw at them!

The mountain from the game Dodo. At the top is a colourful carboard dodo. The Dodo egg is rolling down the cascading track with blurring behind it indicating it was photographed whilst in motion


​So, let's break it down for you in our key areas:


Highly replayable and it's simple enough and easy / quick to setup. It's a MUST for families.

Production value

Excellent - the production is great and hasn't been over embellished to the point of un-necessity like we see with some crowdfunded games. Kosmos has nailed it.


I love the theme, the colour and whimsical art, it screams appeal to adults and kids WHO want to have a good time playing a board game. :)


It's not, it's so simple two drunk geeks could figure it out (minus fumbling fingers assembling the mountain elements...).


So simple; the rules sheet is clear and concise, they leave no doubts. You quickly know how to play this game!


The art and the whobbly egg make this game unique. I have seen other dodo themed games, but this is the best dodo themed game of them all!


Excellent value, £30 for a FUN family game with great table presence says a lot, check it out here direct from Kosmos

A D6 die face showing six pips, each pip the head of the DOALG mascot Ink the Imp
Top Scores from Mr Chris

Top score from me, the game's memory elements are just as much as challenge for adults as it does for kids, and it encourages teamwork, which everyone can benefit from. Love Love this game, well done Kosmos you nailed it!

Side note this article was scheduled to be released last week but we noticed that Dodo was nominated for Best Childrens' Game by the peeps over at UKGE2023 and they won! Congratulations team #KOSMOS. Very much deserved. Thanks for Kosmos for sending the game and for use of the pictures.

Your DoaLG Founder

Mr Chris

Dodo, Kosmos Games Score 6/6
Top Scores from Mr Sam

As co-player for putting Dodo through its paces I have been asked to give my 2 cents. However I think Mr Chris has pretty much hit the nail on the head here. This game is bright, simple, silly and fun. Dodo is great for kids and adults alike teaching cooperation, teamwork/turn taking, symbol/pattern recognition and memory skills. I particularly enjoy cooperative luck based games with a little tactical/cognitive edge and they are perfect for children. Additionally it is worth noting that while this game is pretty hard wearing Kosmos do have a replacement parts service for many of their products. This game also scores a 6/6 from me especially for younger audiences but it definitely has its place at the family and adults tables too.



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