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Airecon 2024 is coming to Harrogate on March 14-17

Aircon 2024 with Watch It Played logo
Aircon 2024 with Watch It Played

Welcome to the ultimate destination for board game enthusiasts – Airecon 2024! As we dive into the heart of this fantastic board game convention, set in the stunning Harrogate Convention Centre backdrop, get ready for a weekend of strategic thrills and endless fun.

Airecon 2024 stands out as the go-to event for tabletop games aficionados, fostering an inclusive community that welcomes players of all levels. From seasoned pros. to aspiring designers and newcomers, this convention promises a unique and unforgettable gaming experience.

Join us as we explore the diverse array of games, thrilling tournaments, and engaging activities that await at Airecon 2024, where the countdown to an immersive tabletop adventure has never been more exciting.

Airecon 2023 was bigger and better than previous years, let's see what we have lined up for 2024. We are hoping to catch up with lots of followers (old and new) and friends of #DOALG so...

What big things can we expect to see at Airecon2024?

Yes, we have been informed that the organisers are bringing a new section to Airecon 2024; GMT are bringing an "Introduction to wargames". This involves mainly historical and wargames and is free. We strongly recommend you pre book this here (

There is also there will be a take and paint organised by Duncan Rhodes's team Two Thin Coats (, which has previously proven popular.

Airecon also have a new event space designated for things like the charity raffle, an awesome pub quiz, which is board game themed and brought to you by Airecon organiser Mark Cooke! Popular YouTube channel Watch It Played ( will take centre stage with an interactive experience, and it's bound to be hilarious! Lots will be taking place! Exciting stuff!

Of course, our friends from Jollyboat will also be taking the stage!

Finally, the Bring and Buy will be on again, with MORE space. Register and check all details here (

Of course, we always have exhibitors at Airecon, but are there any new ones with some standout games we should look out for?

Disney Lorcana Trading Card game image

Ravensburger is in attendance, showcasing new expansions for Disney Lorcana, and even a special promo at the event too! So, a must, if you're a fan. If you are wanting to know if a specific independent / retailer is attending, make sure to check out the Exhibitor list on the Airecon2024 website here.

We are excited to learn that Oink ( and Origame ( are attending. Oink are coming from Germany and Origame from Korea. It is awesome that Airecon is pulling and encouraging folks to come to the UK from afar r the event. A couple of other designers that jump out are our friends from Stop Drop and roll Stop Drop and Roll Games ( and of course Paper Boat Games (

Who is this year's Major Sponsor alongside "Watch It Played"?

Travelling Man are a big sponsor this year, a fantastic retailer that most of IF not all of the #doalg team have bought and ordered from. They offer LOTS of different types of games to titillate your fancies.

Our last year's onsite reporter Katenic from Airecon 2023 is excited for 2024:

"I loved Airecon 2023, and AireconNW". As you can see in Airecon 2023 - bigger and better! ( I loved getting to talk to creators, and trying out big box games that I would struggle to learn complex rules and get high player numbers around the table. In 2024, I am tempted to try out the RPGs, there are so many types - and my friend tried an experimental format at AireconNW and said it was great! The fantasy campaign Rove is being demoed by Addax Games (, is on my to-do list as City of Kings is my favourite game and this looks similar. Undermined by Devilfly Games looks like it has great art and very shiny coins, so I’m keen to check it out in person. Last year, Airecon had a convention in a convention with how big and full the exhibitors' hall was; I look forward to exploring the 60+ stands on the bill for this year! I love talking to the people as they are always so proud and passionate about their ideas, wares and plans. I hope to bring some of my own gems to teach people again this year; last year I taught Robo Rally and Loco Momo, but this year I am going to bring games in my collection that haven’t come to the table yet - that way if I don’t like it, I can take it to the bring and buy. Like last year, I hope to be pleasantly surprised, and take a chance on games I may have never heard of. Sharing the joy of a game with someone who is excited enough to learn it, bring it, teach it and play it, is really wonderful! I’m looking forward to forging another great set of cherished memories.

Rozie from Cozy Board Games ( is also doing a show with Kimjoy from the Great British Bake Off ( on the Saturday at 12pm which will be awesome, as well as talking about Cozy Board Games.

Airecon 2024, is a highlight on the calendar for board game aficionados worldwide. As the day of our departure draws nearer, excitement bubbles within us! We look forward to seeing you all there, we hope to see you all soon!

Why not watch back our chat with Mark Cooke from Airecon here?(

Mr Chris

The Founder #doalg

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