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Cat Lady - 60 second review

Updated: Jan 15

Let's face it, we all know at least one crazy cat lady!

Cat Lady is a quick 2-4 player game by AEG where you take rows of resources to feed cats that you acquire.

You can collect Lost Cat posters to find and adopt strays that have additional skills, all to earn you Victory Points at the end of the game. Strays are based on well known cats or cat owners . . . my personal favourite is the super geek LeVar Purrton (which made me laugh probably more than it should).

But be wary, as kitties that haven't yet been fed will loose you points. Use the cat token to block the row you have just collected from, or use the spray bottle to move the cat token to block a different row or column from the other players.

What would a cat game be like without catnip, or toys to entertain your friendly felines? Boring of course, so this game is chock full of them, each has the ability to earn, or loose you victory points.

There is a certain amount of skill in this quick paced game, you need to balance what resources you collect, versus what you need to keep your competitors from winning. The person with the most victory points at the end wins!

I enjoyed this game, the rules are simple and quick to follow and the game is well made with wooden tokens and markers. This is a dice rating well earned by game creator Josh Wood.

An additional shout out to the peeps at Travelling Man in York who recommended this as a quick play game, thanks guys!

Take Care

Dino-Girl x

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