Let battle commence... Hogwarts™ style!

Updated: Apr 10

Players: 2-4* Ages: 11+ Game Time: 30-60 mins


Hey Geeks and Geekettes, Dino-Girl here. I hope you’re surviving the latest lockdown. As promised, I’ve been busy gaming and writing reviews for you. This latest one I’m super excited about! It is from one of my favourite franchises and is a game I play often. It is of course Harry Potter™: Hogwarts™ Battle.

You’re a wizard Harry . . .

This game by The Op is readily available from most good games stores, but also your local Waterstones, so no need to trawl through the dark underworld of eBay just to get your hands on a copy!

The game is a co-operative deck builder. For those not familiar with the term “deck builder”, this is a game in which you start with a standard set of cards before you buy further cards throughout the game to build upon what your character has available.

Starter deck + building your deck of cards, easy!

As it’s a co-operative game, there are no sore losers or gloating winners around the table - you’re all in it together. This game is sure to put the horrors of Christmas Monopoly fights into the past (so brutal, I’m still in therapy)

What’s in the Box?

The main base game starts you off in Year 1 at Hogwarts, you get to choose from four of the book’s main characters, and each has their own unique starter hand:

  • Harry Potter™ – complete with an invisibility cloak and Hedwig

  • Hermoine Grainger™ – including the Time Turner and Crookshanks

  • Ron Weasley™ – snacking on his Bertie Bots Every Flavour Beans

  • Neville Longbottom™ – with Trevor the Toad

Other contents include:

  • Game cards for the shop, these can either be Spells, Items or Allies

  • Villain cards – Different ones for each game, based on each year of the book

  • Dark Arts Event Cards – These can do serious damage to you and your team, each card has a different set of rules and consequences

  • Dark marks - for tracking the villains' progress

  • House dice – these are for Year 4 onwards and add more randomness to the game, there is a die for each house and are coloured and marked based on the strength of each house:

  • Gryffindor™ – more loyalty markers

  • Slytherin™ - more damage markers

  • Ravenclaw™ – more card markers (for drawing cards)

  • Hufflepuff™ – more health markers


The box contains seven sets of game components with each one representing one of the years at Hogwarts. In each year you will fight to defeat villains from the franchise with new villains being added each year. To defeat the villains you will use the spells and items that you gather by buying new cards from the shop as you go, and trying to dodge dark marks along the way of course.

Dark marks are the measure of the villains' power. Each game is played over a series of locations, with their own dark mark tracker. Once filled you lose that location and move onto the next. When you reach the end of the dark marks and have no more locations left you lose and the villains win.

The number of villains and the level of complexity increases as you play each year. The villains from the previous year are added to the bad guys of the following year, and from year 3 you must fend off multiple enemies at a time!

Each opponent has a special ability, for example:

  • Lose one health each turn Quirrel is on the board

  • You cannot draw extra cards if the Basilisk is in play

  • And if Fenrir Greyback is loose then you won’t be able to regain your health!

In year 1 you’re up against Quirrel and the local bullies, by year 4 Voldemort is back! And he’s not happy...

The mechanics of the game are a little different from most deck builders I’ve played. In this game, you have five cards at the start of your round and you either use them or lose them; at the end of your turn, you must discard any unused cards, coins, and power markers that you haven’t assigned and pick up a whole new hand for your next turn. There’s no holding on to your favourite cards for your next round, oh no, and the order in which you play your cards can make all the the difference!