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#mechanismmonday nomination by Card Noir

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

So this isn't the usual post / article we create here at #DOALG, but some of you reading this may not have come across #DOALG before - thank you for following the link on the Instagram group #whatboardgame to our humble channel of good honest boardgame reviews by a group of eight friends. You can read about us in more detail here.

So what exactly is #MechanismMonday I asked myself, when I got tagged by Richard my friend from #cardnoir?

#MechanismMonday is a hashtag on Instagram that was setup by Jim Cohen from #whatboardgame, where someone picks a boardgame mechanic and then everyone else who follows the hashtag picks a game from the mechanic and tags the person who picked it. That person then picks / nominates the next person in the chain to pick a new mechanic. Fun eh!?

The aim of this is to show folks about new games and maybe show people that games that use specific mechanics include more than just some of the obvious titles from that mechanic / genre.

So I was faced with a daunting task: what do I pick?

I pondered on it quite a while and I was sent through several categories in my head before I settled on 'Deck builders'!

Why do I like deck builders so much?

Finding the time and knowledge to craft decks for trading card games such as Magic: The Gathering can be a little too much for me, which is why I love deck building games so much.

Instead of having to research and construct decks in my own time, deck builders provide a similar experience within the very games themselves. Whilst you’re trying to figure out what cards are going to produce the best combos, so is everyone else, meaning that there’s a greater feeling of being on equal footing. I know some players like our resident Rules Lawyer (George E Ohh) have a great memory, almost superhuman at times! It gives George serious advantages in such games to figure out synergies ... but for the majority of players it is a level playing field.

Deck building games often combine multiple mechanics into a single game, mixing in things such as area control, push-your-luck and tactical combat, which I love. There are many unique and complex deck building games out there, thanks to the fact that the mechanic integrates so well with other elements.

This has meant that deck building games have gradually become more innovative over the years, providing players with a wide variety of experiences - including different themes, some of my favourites include popular ones like Ascension and Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle

I am really excited to see what games followers of this hashtag suggest from Monday, when this article goes live along with my Instagram post which you can see here IF you haven't seen it already.

Without further ado, who will I be nominating to be the next in #mechanismmonday?

I choose Nathan from Nightwatch Reviews, a solid follower of ours who has produced some awesome content.

Thanks for reading folks...

Mr Chris

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