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dogodash - Simplistic and Quick

Updated: Jan 16

Before I go into our review of dogodash, remember we review all types of games, not just the complicated big box games but also what we like to call the "Amuse Bouche" of games.

This game was successfully funded in just 11 hours via Kickstarter, and was a finalist for the SBGames Brazilian games award .

A variety of dogo dash cards.

Players: 2-5 Ages: 7+ Game Time: 15 mins

While the mechanics are simplistic, this is a quick game that can be played with 2 to 5 players, and would make either a nice start to a gaming session while waiting for people to set up/arrive or as a palate cleanser between games.

Yes I am describing this as a bitesize game!

I am not going to explain the mechanics and rules because you can learn these as quick as snap or snakes and ladders, but it has a small element of "Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock" (yes a Big Bang quote, sorry it had to be done). Minor strategy elements can be found the more you play.. check out the how-to-play here. Or better yet, why not try it now with either the print and play, or by playing online using Tabletopia.

A card game for everybody from kids to drunks

It's really diverse as it's a great intro game for kids, or as some light-hearted entertainment for an evening. Indeed, the game designer Talita Rhein herself describes it as a card game for everybody from kids to drunks, and I can imagine this would be a great coffee-table game or something that can be thrown in a backpack to play out and about.

If you want to hear from the designer Talita, you can as she was our special guest for the third episode of our web show Let's Talk Board Games, which you can catch below, where she talks about the game and how it is inspired by her life and friends and family.

Overall this is a great little family game, super simple and enjoyable with bold colourful artwork. I've certainly enjoyed playing it and think most people can find room for this in their collection whether it's just a family game, a drunken night of fun, or a break in a hard-core game session.

The founder Mr Chris

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