Get your crawl on, our review of Here to Slay

Updated: Apr 10

Players: 2-6 Ages: 14+ Game Time: 15-90 mins

Hey Geeks and Geekettes, Dino-Girl here. Hope you’re surviving Lockdown 2.0. This is my first time writing on this blog; so if you like my reviews, leave a comment down below and I’ll endeavour to fit more into my hectic schedule.

Friends who Slay together, stay together

So today I’m reviewing Here to Slay, a quick game for 2-6 players, recommended for ages 10+ . It’s the latest game from Ramy Badie (founder of TeeTurtle and Unstable Games). The creator has brought us amazing Kickstarter games such as Unstable Unicorns and Runes and Regulations, as well as many others, including a new game which is coming soon, but more on that later …

Unstable Games do most of their game creation on Kickstarter. For those of you who don’t know, it is a crowdfunding site where people share their creations looking for funding. If they reach their funding goal, their project comes to life. Often in the case of games it may include additional ways for you to get involved in the game creation.

Lots of projects come with stretch goals, meaning more amazing items will just fall into your basket at no additional cost as more and more people back each project. Many of the stretch goals can be Kickstarter exclusives, and for this game review we’ll look at a few of them.

My advice for avid gamers is to give Kickstarter a go; your next favourite game may be one you helped to beta test or have a hand in making.

So anyway, back to the game!

Here to Slay is a fast-paced role-playing card game where each player tries to build their loyal party, slay monsters, and outwit their friends *cough* yeah, friends *cough*.

You, as your heroic Party Leader, must recruit, arm and slay your way to the Winner’s Circle, either by being the best Recruiter and achieving a complete set of 6 archetypes of characters, or by being the most prolific Monster Slayer and destroying 3 monsters from the Centre Circle. But beware, your “friends” are also trying their hand and it’s not above them to steal away your recruited heroes and heroines or even Slay them in cold blood and send them back to the discard pile. Brutal!

So, what’s in the box?

For those who are buying the base game in stores you will receive the following base items:

  • 1 x standard deck – for those of you into your card sleeves that’s 115 cards to protect

  • 15 x oversized Monster cards

  • 6 x oversized Party Leader cards

  • 2 x 6 sided die

  • 6 x rules and reference cards

A little later we’ll look at some of the exclusives from Kickstarter that you might be able to pick up online in Ramy Badies’ next campaign (occasionally new backers get the opportunity to pick up extras from previous Kickstarters).

Are you ready to Slay?

First players must choose their Party Leader. Each Party Leader has their own unique ability that gives an added advantage during the game. Those more inclined to the honourable ways of monster slaying might decide to choose the Ranger Fox, who gives +1 to all dice rolls when attacking monsters, but the sneaky backstabbers amongst your friends may decide that the Thief Cat is the way to go, who allows you to take a card from another player’s hand each turn. Choose wisely.

Once you have selected your Party Leader, play can begin. The game sets out a monster area, showing 3 of the 15 Monster cards face up, a draw pile of standard cards and a players' area. The players' area should be roomy enough to fit three Monster cards and 5 Hero cards.

Play begins by rolling a die; the highest score wins and gets to go first. Each player starts with a hand of 5 cards, and there is no hand limit in this game.

Each round you have 3 action points that you can spend in the following ways:

For 1 action point:

  • Draw a card

  • Play a card

  • Activate a hero ability

For 2 action points:

  • Attack a monster

For 3 action points:

  • Give up your hand and draw 5 new cards

Each player chooses how to spend their points. Players who play cards have the option of laying a Hero card. Each hero comes with their own unique ability that is triggered by a dice roll. Success means you get to play out their action, failure means you move on to the next action point. Item cards are attached to players and can either benefit them, or hinder them. Some items can also change the class of your players. Have too many Bards? Turn one into a Wizard with a Wizard Mask. Magic cards can help you steal Heroes, or search the discards or deck for useful cards.

Surely such blatant disregard for warrior etiquette will not go unchallenged?!

But what happens if a player tries to steal a hero from you? Surely such blatant disregard for warrior etiquette will not go unchallenged?! Well, luckily for you, there are Challenge cards available to play against the actions of other players. These result in a roll-off of the die, which can be boosted using modifier cards. But choose wisely, most modifiers have 2 options: they can boost your score, or nerf your opponent. You might throw all your skills into boosting your roll, only to have your opponent drain all those precious modifier points.

Slaying Monsters requires you to have the right cards in play to attempt the attack. Each Monster card will display the