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Anomalia Games - TerrainTiles that fit in an Ikea Kallax- a game changer?

An example decorated Anomalia TerrainTile in the foreground with a stack of plain ones in the background.
Anomalia Games TerrainTiles - are they a game changer?


TerrainTiles is a range of flat-packed, self-assembly, interlocking tiles aimed at taking your tabletop gaming experience to the next level by providing a good mixture of elevated and ground level areas for gaming pleasure.

They are highly transportable, very sturdy, easy to assemble, break down, and set up. They also fit (disconnected) into an Ikea Kallax box for easy storage, which for a geeky gamer that doesn't have the permanent gaming table setup up is an absolute MUST.


The tiles are made from a high density fibreboard for additional durability and rigidity, this means they transport and hold up to knocks really well. They are modular tiles (the ones provided for review, thank you Anomalia Games - ) and all interlock really well together, and if you choose the buy more you will find it all uses the corner lock connectors!

Some bags of terrain material including soil and  flock - image courtesy of Amazon

These tiles are ready to accept primers and paints of all varieties BUT, me being me, I still primed the surfaces with PVA glue just to made adhesion for soil / flock more substantial.

Assembly for each tile takes typically 15 minutes to build, I took the opportunity to dry fit everything first JUST to be sure and plan out the board BUT this is not necessary! I managed to do these without the instructions (years of building LEGO) BUT the instructions are clear and easy to follow. I wish that each tile could be packed separately JUST because it took me longer to determine what tile sheets were which, as they were not all numbered correctly (manufacture oversight I am sure), BUT once I figured it out it all went smoothly.

The TerrainTiles are friction-fit assembly, which means very little glue is needed. However PVA is great stuff and more than adequate to keep it all together, so I did apply it to the tiles.

These TerrainTiles are made to work with any scale model tabletop experience, and I must say works fantastically for Mantics' Firefight (see our review here - or Zoontalis (see our review here -!

The tiles are made with imperial standard board dimensions - every full-scale tile is 1x1' (30x30cm) which is perfect for all tables, and

the fact that they fit inside a Kallax unit is bonus in my books because it means they store away nicely!


​So let's break it down for you in our key areas:

  • Production Value - Fantastic value and table presence once it is all setup

  • Complexity - Not at all complex in fact they were so simple I had them all assembled in an evening.

  • Uniqueness - Pretty unique, while I have seen laser cut boards for scenery I haven't seen anyone else offer modular scenery.

  • Value - The River Valley Board Set [3x3'] - TerrainTiles set comes in at £81.00, which I think is fantastic value considering it is modular, really easy to setup and most table top gamers as will already have things to paint and design the tiles for their very own tabletop experience, so FOR sure top value in my books!

A D6 six die face showing five pips, each head the Diary Of A Lincoln geek mascot Ink the Imp

The only reason I am NOT giving Anomalia Games's TerrainTiles top scores is because of the initial shipping, all the tiles came mixed together with no separation or CLEAR numbering which meant when you have a whole setup trying to figure out what goes with what was a little trickier, otherwise they have NAILED it. These are brilliant and I cannot recommend them enough! These modular TerrainTiles are an absolute must to tabletop miniature gamers!

The Founder Mr Chris


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