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The Child Dominoes - 60 second review

Updated: Jan 14

Who doesn't love a quick game of Dominoes every now and then?

Players: 2+ Ages: 6+ Game Time: 10-30 mins

The classics really are the best.

This review is on The Child domino set, an adorable addition to the traditional game of Dominoes, with the added bonus of a superb second way to play using the beautiful artwork of The Child (aka Baby Yoda*). *Word Nerd Disclaimer: Nobody tell Chris of this blasphemy, ok!?

This is a great mini gift for fans of The Mandalorian series.

Traditional domino tiles on one side in Baby Yoda green, and The Child pictures on the other. So sweet and simple!

The creators Paladone were careful not to match the artwork with the dots so your opponent cannot guess your tiles, and the tiles are a high-quality print. They come in a gorgeous little tin with The Child depicted on the front.

I give this a dice review of 5 for the sweet simplicity (and because Baby Yoda is life!). Enjoy!




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