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Timeline - 60 second review

Updated: Jan 15

Another 60 second review for you today with our review of Timeline

The tin for the game Timeline

Players: 2-8 Ages: 8+ Game Time: 15 minutes

In Timeline by zygomatic games your objective is to place all the events in your hand down on the timeline in the correct order. The timeline starts out with a single event on it and each player has four cards in hand that need to be placed in the correct order.

The game tin for the game Timeline open with the lid standing up and the event cards in a deck and 2 card showing with the correct date.

This starts out quite simply with just a single event on the timeline but as you progress the timeline starts to get crowded and identifying the correct location gets more difficult. If you fail to place an event down in the correct position this is then corrected and you then draw another event into your hand.

The first person to place all their event cards down is the winner.

It's certainly a different take on the trivia game concept and with a variety of different versions of the game including: general interest, and a host of other more specialist topics it's probable that you'll find one that suits you or your group.

A die face showing four pips

I'm giving this game a four on the die rating this time but it was a close call between that and a three as I found it a little dull and repetitive, especially when the timeline gets rather full. However, the novel take on a Trivia game was enough to persuade me otherwise on this occasion.

Your friendly DoaLG rules lawyer

George E Ohh

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