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What are our most anticipated games of 2022?

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

Mr Chris -

There are so many games I am excited for as 2021 was an amazing year for board games, but with these on the horizon for 2022, could we see an even better year? Let's take a dive....

  1. Terraforming Mars Dice Game - Official website This looks brilliant, and I am sure my fellow founder Mr Dan will love this, I am a fan of dice games, and the Terraforming Mars series of games, let's hope it lives up to the hype.

  2. Wayfarers of South Tigris - Official website This looks like an interesting addition to the Wayfarers series. Worker placement games always sit well with me, so one to keep an eye out for.

  3. Burncycle - Official website Is a tactical stealth combat game for 1-4 players which features co-operative and solo game modes from the creators of Too Many Bones, certainly one to look out for.

  4. Primal - The Awakening - Official website A monster hunting cooperative miniature board game... need I say any more?... The miniatures look stunning... **Drools**

  5. Marvel Dice Throne - Official website Marvel Dice Throne is a game of skilled card play and dice manipulation, supporting multiple modes of play including 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 2v2v2, or free-for-all. I backed this, and hope I am not disappointed.


Mr George E Ohh -

With the pandemic finally starting to show signs of ending, it should be a good year for games as the production cycle starts to normalise more. However, my list is going to be quite short as I'm holding off on my purchases at the moment as I don't want my various game piles to grow too much before we move house and as such i've been avoiding look for too many games at the moment.

That being said though, there are a few outstanding Kickstarters due for delivery this year, and two upcoming ones we have for review are well worth a mention...

  1. Senjutsu: Battle For Japan - Official website Yeah I know I bang on about this game, as you'll know if you watch the Let's Talk Board Games show or listen to the podcast, but it's because I love it!

  2. Solar 175 - Official website A great legacy game we have for review currently, whose Kickstarter campaign is due to drop in March, one to watch out for.


Word-nerd -

Like books, one can never have too many games... Every so often I accidentally on purpose fall down the gloriously dangerous rabbit hole that is Kickstarter and scream: "Take my money!" Here are two that... erm... took my money!

1. Mythwind

The game I am most craving in 2022 is Mythwind by Brendan McCaskell, published by OOMM Games. The gorgeous artwork and super adorable and detailed miniatures drew me in. I look forward to getting tips on painting the minis from Mr Chris and George E Ohh. What really hooked me was the gameplay. It is open-ended and cooperative game with no overall win condition. In other words, it's all about the journey, finding new things to explore in a persistently changing world in which you develop your characters. If you like the sound of it, don't fret that the Kickstarter has closed, you can still late pledge on Gamefound until around Q2 of 2022.

2. Verdant

I absolutely love the game Calico, so I was elated when Flatout Games announced that the same team was bringing out a game about houseplants (Molly Johnson, Aaron Mesburne, Robert Melvin, Kevin Russ, and Shawn Stankewich).

I absolutely had to back it on Kickstarter straight away!

It's a puzzly spatial board game for one to five players, where you aim to create the cosiest indoor space by arranging houseplants and other objects around your home. Tend to your plants to create the most verdant collection.

If like me, you like houseplants... but tend to kill them, then this is the game for you! The artwork by Beth Sobel is stunning. While the Kickstarter has closed, you can still late pledge (and even add Calico and Cascadia too).


Mr Dan -

Assuming I have the time / budget, these are three games I have my eye on for 2022!

  1. The Elder Scrolls Five : Skyrim -The Adventure Game - I'm a fan of video games turned into board games, plus I enjoyed Skyrim (well one of its 200 versions anyway) so I'll be interested in checking this out. Plus it has a solo mode! Bonus points! Official website

  2. Vampire: The Masquerade - Chapters - I love horror games, I love campaign games. This is a big box one in the vein of Gloomhaven and I will certainly be keeping an eye on it! Official website

  3. So, you've been eaten - And to keep things light, this looks like a fun 2-player game where one player plays as a deep space miner who has been swallowed by a giant space monster, and the other player takes control of the huge space beast trying to digest them. Looks fun! Official website


Julian -

So these are my personal top picks for 2022...

ISS Vanguard Box Design
  1. ISS Vanguard - Official website A 1-4 player cooperative board game in which players control four different, asymmetric sections (security, recon, science, engineering) onboard the ship ISS Vanguard.

  2. Weather Machine - Official website Be better than your rival colleagues and gain renown as you clean up the meteorological messes created by your mentor Professor Lativ and his weather machine in this competitive Euro game.

  3. Darwin's Journey - Official website Take an adventure to the Galapagos and study the natural sciences to get a deeper understanding of the unknown and the connections between all species, exploring the story of Charles Darwin's memorable journey in this worker placement adventure game.

  4. Caesar: Sieze Rome in 20 Minutes - Official website Players command their legions, strategically deploying them to key battle grounds to try and seize control of the provinces and become ruler of the republic in this resource management game.


Sam Wise -

The game I am looking forward to in 2022 is Overisles from Hatchling Games. This is a new project coming to Kickstarter in February. It is a further development of their unique tabletop RPG system that incorporates the learning of sign language.

Having seen a physical copy of the predecessor Inspirisles at the UK Games Expo 2021 I can certainly say I'm excited. The artwork is absolutely stunning and the game is streamlined to make it very accessible.

But for me the coup de grâce is the teaching of basic sign language in the game setting.

I can’t wait to see what the Kickstarter will bring, especially (I hope) the chance for a physical copy.


So that's what we think, but now tell us what games you're excited for in 2022, new or old, let us know in the comments section below, and we may even be able to review some for you!

So until next time...

Get your geek on!

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