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Zombie Dice - 60 second review

Updated: Jan 15

It's time for another 60 second review, you know the drill here short and to the point.

Players: 2+ Ages: 10+ Game Time: 10-20 minutes

The game box for Zombie Dice standing on a wooden table

So Zombie Dice is a simple push your luck game designed by Steve Jackson from Steve Jackson Games the creators of classics like Munchkin. In Zombie Dice you are a wandering zombie out on the hunt for those tasty brains.

You roll dice to establish what you encounter and can then either keep what you found or risk it all to go out once more. When your happy you have had enough you end your turn and pass the dice to the next Zombie player... The first player to 13 brains triggers the end game where you finish the current round for each player and then the player with the most brains wins.

Hunting for brains isn't easy though those human will try and hurt you and if you take three or more wounds from shotgun blasts then your turn is over and no brains for you.

The game Zombie dice spilling out of the game box onto a wooden table showing the dice and the rules pamphlet

In the base game there are three colours of dice the green, yellow, and red dice. Each of the dice has the three main symbol in varying frequencies the runner indicated by footsteps, the shotgun blast indicated by the blast symbol or the tasty brains.

An example of each of the three colours dice in the game Zombie Dice showing each of the three unique die faces: footsteps, a blast symbol, and a brain .
  • The Green (6) dice is the friendliest with one shotgun and three tasty brains.

  • The Yellow (4) dice are balanced with two of each face type.

  • The Red (3) dice are evil and have three blast and only one brain.

Each time you start you turn you shuffle all the dice and randomly draw three dice to roll, you set aside any brains and blasts received and then choose to continue by drawing back up to three dice to roll again but beware as once you have drawn dice the decision is final and you can't choose to end your turn without rolling again so check out the dice you have and decide if it's worth pressing on or not.

A close-up of the dice from Zombie Dice spilling out of the game box.

Personally I find Zombie Dice to the poor cousin of many similar games and find it just a bit dull without the expansion material meaning I'd rather something with a bit more class like pass the pigs.

Your friendly DoaLG rules lawyer

George E Ohh

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