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An amazing milestone to end 2022 on... What does #DOALG have planned for 2023?

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

Well what an amazing #2022 has been for #DOALG

We have loved reviewing publishers' and independent game designers' #boardgames #ttrpgs and #cardgames and we have seen some amazing titles see successful #crowdfunding so #congratulations to all.

We have ended #2022 on an amazing personal high note this year, as we increased our follower count (over all platforms) to over 3100, which is incredible. So thank you all so very much for making #DOALG what it is today.

So how about some #geeky #nerdy #statistics for you? In total you have all consumed:

7,948 total video views on YouTube

28.6K watch-time minutes on YouTube

We now have over 130 articles/reviews on the website

Top countries viewing our YouTube channel: United States, ‌United Kingdom, ‌Germany

We have also livestreamed over 4,768 minutes and have had over 2,235 views on the streams.

Our TikTok views have shot, up and we have seen over 14,000 views in the last two months, which is incredible. We have seen our watch count increase by 21% since August alone, which is amazing. Thank you all so very much!

So what have #doalg got lined up for 2023?

UK Games Expo logo

We have so much coming, it's amazing! The big thing for us is that we will be having our very own stand at UK Games Expo 2023,

which is absolutely awesome. We are hoping to do some more live coverage of the event, so you folks who can't come can get some awesome inside exclusives from the event. If you are planning to come along, make sure you book your tickets as they are available NOW!

Make sure you come and say hi, we will be doing some amazing giveaways and also showcasing something VERY special so please make sure you pop by the stand.

Sponsor banner for Honey Badger Games showing two fantasy figures eating edible dice with the tag line "The perfect treat for any class" Hyperlink to

We are also very excited and happy to announce our new sponsor of #DOALG, Honey Badger Games ( who are specialists in sweet treats that can bring a smile to the face of any geek. Based in Gloucestershire, all their high quality gifts are designed and handmade locally by highly skilled badgers.

​Honey Badger's Food Pawn range of pun-tastic jelly sweets evokes games night in the forms of dice, meeples, potions and more... We are really excited by this sponsorship. Watch out for some amazing content and exclusives deals coming from our sponsor!

Thanks to you all for your continued support! If you'd like to support the channel, you can donate to the channel by visiting our Ko-Fi link here.

​Take care everyone and the entire #DOALG team wish you all a very Happy New Year!

Mr Chris - Founder & Talent


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