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Feline Felonies is purrfectly pawesome play!

Updated: Jan 15

Players: 2-4 Ages: 8+ Game Time: 40-60 mins

Atikin Games is the creator of Feline Felonies, a miniature game boasting big fun that's launching on Kickstarter here.

Here each player chooses one of four Kleptomaniac Kitties who like to strut their stuff around the open grounds where they live, picking up and stealing any toys, or items they feel count as toys, and taking them back to their home where they can hide them away for another day, usually under the sofa.

Players roll die and use them to race around the board collecting toys which have been dropped. Dogs patrol the park, so our cat burglars in training need to avoid them.

It’s not just dogs your kitties need to avoid, it’s other prowling panthers who can steal your prize from an adjacent square, if they’re successful then your prize is theirs, and what’s more it gains in value!

Players must race their spoils back to their homes before they’re stolen away, but for those feeling particularly savvy they can flaunt their wares for additional points .

There are special moves that you can utilise such as adding a new toy, or saving some of your moves for later (useful for a quick getaway!).

The game ends when all toys have been collected and stored safely at home, the player with the most points is the winner!

The artwork is sweet and simple, and the board design is laid in an easy to read grid. This is particularly important for when adding new toys to the board, as dice rolls determine the random placement of the toy.

The mechanics of play are very easy to understand and follow. The stealing mechanic was a big hit with our Rules Lawyer (who tends to edge towards games with back-stabbing rules, or a traitor mechanic . . .).

There‘s a lot of repeatability in the game owing to the dice rolling, but be careful of those 1’s - rolling a one puts your fate in the hands of your opponents, who aren’t likely to be very helpful to you. And speaking of Dice, they’re so tiny and cute!

Atikin Games specialise in small portable games that fit in your pocket. Despite the small size, the game has been beautifully designed. It has certainly become a big hit in our house, even the kitties want to play!

We love this game, it has everything you need in a family big board game, but shrunk down to be super space saving. We had the honour of promotional packs for games testing ahead of the game's Kickstarter.

For those of you new to our site, Kickstarter is a fantastic way for people to fund their various projects and often a lot of game designers start out on it with crowdfunding. You get regular updates from the creators and sometimes even get to help with the game design.

Feline Felonies starts on Kickstarter this week, follow this link to find and back it. The creator Nikita Sullivan will also be joining us for a live session to help promote this awesome game. The campaign also involves two other games (Canine Capers and Animal Alliance), which can either be bought separately in mini tins, or as an all-in-one box set

If you like the sound of this game you can check out others in the Atikin Games collection here.

It gets a big Six on our dice rating, and we‘ll definitely be backing this game ourselves! Even Ichigo & Zangetsu love it!

We hope you find it as pawsome as we do!

Take care

Dino-Girl, Ichigo & Zangetsu


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