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Can you get the job? Get past the interview first, in FUNEMPLOYED!

Updated: Jan 14

#Funemployed is a card-based party game where everyone is trying to get to get the job, but some of those qualifications look a little sus to me...

Apply for real jobs like: #astronaut, #lawyer or #priest, #racecar driver, or #stripper....

With unusual qualifications such as: #dragon, the ability to speak #panda, or a #DeLorean.

Players: 3-20 Ages: 13+ Game Time: 30 mins

Originally published by now seemingly defunct Urban Island Games in 2013, and later republished on Kickstarter by global toy company Mattel Inc. in 2016

In this game, each player uses the two qualifications that have been dealt to them to convince the other players that he or she is the best candidate for the job card which is being assessed. To do this, players tell the story of why their qualifications make them the best fit for a job by role-playing like they are on an interview. Any fans of roleplaying and basically talking rubbish will be brilliant at this game.

Find innovative ways to use your qualifications and become the most "funemployed" player at the table!

We have spent many an hour playing this game with groups of friends, at New Year's Eve, Halloween, or just having friends over for coffee (pre Covid of course) and used this as an amuse-bouche of games leading up to a bigger more involved game! It's definitely light-hearted and rouses the senses and lifts players' humour and spirits..

As with other games of this style (Cards Against Humanity-esque), it can get a little samey, but I feel its more replayable due to the roleplaying element of the interview process.

The cards are very basic, just like any other game in this style/genre but why would you need more, it's powered by the most powerful supercomputer on the planet (your imagination), so if you are not very imaginative then you'll probably most likely hate this game! I, however, prefer this to Cards Against Humanity!

However, for all of this there’s a catch – answers and responses are only going to be as funny as its players

I give this game a solid 4 out of 6 just because of the simplicity and replayability..

(Mr Chris - The Founder)

Why not download some of the cards from the official website here?

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Chris Allsopp
Chris Allsopp
Feb 01, 2021

I clearly doesn't appeal to everyone, but if your not a fan of CAH then this is for you.. it almost has a RPG / blagging element with the interview process


Pegasus Games
Pegasus Games
Jan 29, 2021

Love the theme, not a huge fan of apples-to-apples / cards against humanity type games though :(

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