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Are we going to UK Games Expo???

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

Are We Going to Expo 2022?

So Geeks... YES it's confirmed! We are attending UK Games Expo 2022! Like last year, we are live streaming across all 3(/4) days (may do a couple Thursday) of #UKGamesExpo2022. The UK Games Expo team has confirmed our press presence, and we are so so excited to do this again this year.

So what can you expect? Well, we have already confirmed live streams with the following:

And our awesome friends at Brambledown Designs, who we will be "having a cuppa tea with".

More to be confirmed, so watch this space!

We hope to break our record of 20 live Streams last year as well.

Also, we are raising awareness for Dementia UK (our chosen charity) so if you would like to help by donating please go to our JustGiving page to donate to this amazing charity. All of our media efforts are for you our followers and this amazing charity, so thank us by donating please. We are still doing our May the 4th Live Stream, and again all proceeds are going to Dementia UK too...

If you would like notifications of when we go live with all of these amazing live stream guests, then please subscribe to our Youtube, Twitch or Facebook and you will get notification that we are going live!

Thanks, more updates will follow...

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