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DoaLG at the UK Games Expo 2021

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

This year Diary of a Lincoln Geek were privileged to be able to attend the UK Games Expo 2021 with press passes. It was an immense experience for all of us, and one we thoroughly look forward to doing again...

But before we start, let's have a quick run down of some of our numbers from the show...

  • All 3 days at the show

  • 20 Livestreams

  • 15 New purchases between us!

  • 14 Games for review.. and more on the way

  • 5 Game demos

  • 2 Subscriptions to Senet Magazine

  • And last but not least, 1 bottle of whisky, without which Mr Chris definitely would have lost his voice!

Mr Chris - The Talent

Best memory of the show:

  • Meeting and talking to the everyone at the event.

Favourite Game(s):

  • Snapshot - Paper Boat Games , An amazing game that involved taking actions as a photographer, trying to get the best pictures, and pictures mean points, and points means??? Winning! Watch out for this Kickstarter; you'll want to snap this one up!

  • Senjutsu - Stone Sword games, One to watch! A game I would happily brush up on my painting skills for (that says a lot, I used to build and paint scenery for Games Workshop)!

I cannot believe the amount of people we spoke too! Seeing people play games together and genuinely getting their geek on was just beautiful to see. It was nice to feel normal again, especially after the time everyone has had recently.


George E Ohh - Pack Mule

Best memory the show:

  • Actually chilling with the lads once again, especially when we got to demo Snapshot with a pint in hand in the open gaming hall after a hard day.

Favourite Game(s):

  • Senjutsu - Stone Sword games Yeah, I just couldn't stop talking about this game: the art work, the great mechanics, the gorgeous minis. I really feel this game has got it all! Shame is, so do the other guys ... so I think there will be a fight on our hands for who get's to review this one when it comes!

Oh my god the show was epic! It was just a phenomenal experience for me. I'd never been to the NEC before, and so I was slightly glad to be going for the first time this year, with a slightly smaller and more controlled show due to restrictions in place for the Covid pandemic. Hats off to the organisers, they did a fantastic job organizing the event; I felt completely safe through the whole event.

It was amazing how quickly we built up into a natural rhythm during the event, even with a clear schedule with plenty of time between guests we got a great balance of experiencing the show for ourselves and getting all out press stuff done. It was amazing how quickly and easily we could get an interview done by the end of it all. A nice easy intro here, and still photography throughout ... all while I carried the bags.

I'm really looking forward to some of the amazing new indie games being published soon, and would encourage anyone to come to the show next year to make these discoveries for yourself! (UK Games Expo),


Sam-Wise - Cameraman

Best memory of the show:

  • The whole atmosphere at the Expo was electric. Being surrounded by such a welcoming crowd of fellow game enthusiasts was such a pleasure. Beyond that though, was the opportunity to meet and play games with the many games designers.

Favourite Game(s):

  • Snapshot from Paperboard Games is definitely one to look out for. we had the privilege to play a round taught by Martin Daine, one of the designers. This is a push-your-luck dice game where players compete to be wildlife photographer of the year. The game is so unique and charming. We are so grateful to Martin for taking time out of his evening after the show to share this with us.

  • I was pleased to stumble across the stand of East Street Games who were exhibiting a couple of their games, including Mob Sitters. In this game, players are babysitters for mob families, but looking after the kids of the mob pays as little as any babysitting job. So you must be the player who is the most successful at supplementing their income. But watch out for Johnny Law, and worse still the boss. Learning the game directly from the team at East Street Games, and meeting new people at the gaming table was fantastic.


Now why not enjoy some of the photos we took from our epic trip, and see some of the great people we met...

Thank you once again to all the folk who organised the UK Games Expo 2021, for making the show the brilliant experience it was. For those who don't know, the dates for next year are 3rd -5th June 2022. The DoaLG can't wait to see you next year!

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