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20 Live Streams - UKGE2021 not just a small feat?

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Well we made it, we survived UKGE2021.. and came back with our voices, thanks to Mr George Eeh Ohh and his bottle of whiskey! For anyone who may have missed any of the live streams, here they are in order.

But before we re-cover over the 3 days of Live Streams.. check out our Expo expose highlights with the important peeps of Expo "You"!

The Day 1 stream was a general walk around the event.. lots to see and you can hear me jabbering on, quite amusing :)

Another Day 1 Stream.. if I remember correctly I was challenged by one of our viewers to run around and find the best costume at the event..

The last Day 1 Stream.. just a quick chat with one of the Stands.. have a watch.. the game looks great

Our Interview with The Party RPG, lets get this Party Started...

Our Interview with Silver Birch Games

Our Interview with Honey Badger Games.. mmm the gummy dice are very yummy

This up and coming game "Build" by Double L games could be a game changer, this is our chat with the designer.

Well we were drawn to the shiny dice, very nice check this amazing jewellery out,.. that's Christmas pressies sorted :)

Well I caved and bought Solar Storm.. this interview is all about their new game Solar Sphere... this was a great chat with the director of Dranda Games..

This Interview led to a pint and a playthrough.. a great game with interesting mechanics.. do check out what Martin Daine has to tell us about Snapshot!

This inspiring RPG that encourages ASL and ESL (American Sign Language and English Sign Language) a great chat.. we learn all about how this came about.. (check out our Inclusion article by Mr Samwise here)

Wow.. need I say more this is a must watch interview with Stone Sword Games.

This interview was another great one, this KS will also give 3D printer owners access to 3D print your own Mech figures... awesome interview... check it out..

A great interview with designer Danielle, all about the challenges of Autism.. a great insight.. do check it out

Award Winner at UK Games Expo 2021 - Daring Dustbunnies, Fantastic interview.. a worthy winner in my books...

Mummies.. Pharohs.. oh and all in aid of cancer research.. worthy look, watch back this awesome interview.

Wow what an unusual and fun selection of games.. great interview.. I urge you to check out these games.. great stocking fillers and games for ALL ages... go on put a smile on someone's face

Robin Hood, Robin Hood riding though the Glen.. excuse me check out my chat with the UK rep for Kosmos Games... this looks amazing.. fingers crossed a review will come soon.

Drools.. give me all the miniatures, these great inclusive Minis are great RPG representations.. check out the interview here.

Bunnies Bunnies it must be Bunnies.. I bought this and do not regret it.. check it out.

Great chat with the owner of Mleeg Board Games.. we were even given a copy for review which will follow soon.

We're being hunted! watch yourself in this interview..

Also we just recently had our 12th Episode of Let's Talk Board Games - UKGE2021 edition check it out here.. with special guest Martin Daine from Paper Boat Games

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