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Unleash the Hounds: The Thrilling Adventure of Full Moon Jacket Board Game

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

The outer box of the game Full Moon Jacket. It features a werewolf in the background  and then in the foreground two male soldiers holding weapons, and a Vietnamese lady wearing a traditional hat and weilding a gun, behind them are helicopters

Summary of Full Moon Jacket:

Full Moon Jacket immerses players in the intense atmosphere of 1968 Vietnam, where they take on the roles of elite soldiers embarking on a daring rescue mission. Set against the backdrop of impending darkness, a unique twist emerges - ferocious werewolves emerge with the rising of the full moon. This dynamic premise sets the stage for a thrilling co-operative squad-based miniature game that effortlessly caters to both newcomers and seasoned war game veterans. The game's fast-paced nature ensures easy accessibility, while its tactical depth captivates experienced players. With an array of finely crafted miniatures, immersive artwork, and a gripping theme, Full Moon Jacket boasts an intriguing blend of history and fantasy. As players strategise to accomplish their mission and fend off the supernatural threat, the game's fusion of cooperative camaraderie and strategic decision-making stands out. Designed for engaging gameplay sessions, Full Moon Jacket offers a remarkable balance between approachability and complexity, making it a must-play for both enthusiastic beginners and dedicated tabletop gamers.

Players: 1-6

Ages: 12+

Game Time: 60-120 minutes


Full Moon Jacket thrives as a co-operative board game, fostering a sense of unity among players as victory is achieved collectively. The shared objective of extracting the colonel adds a compelling layer of urgency and collaboration to the gameplay. While the mechanics may not introduce entirely new concepts, one notable feature involves the ability to craft items (excluding arcade mode). This crafting element introduces a strategic depth, allowing players to tailor their approach based on available resources. However, the true gem lies in the game's exceptional replayability. With each playthrough, between the diverse character abilities, and the unpredictability of the werewolf threat this keeps the experience fresh and exciting. Every game unfolds differently, demanding adaptive strategies and fostering a desire to explore multiple sessions. This element of replayability not only extends the game's longevity but also ensures that Full Moon Jacket remains an engaging and captivating choice for gamers seeking dynamic and endlessly enjoyable experiences.

In Full Moon Jacket, player interaction takes centre stage, highlighting the pivotal role of collaboration in ensuring survival. The game hinges on the collective efforts of the players, emphasising that working together is the key to overcoming challenges and achieving success. To achieve this, turns are meticulously structured, breaking down into the following strategic actions:

Character Actions

  • Moving - you may move to adjacent hexes is one movement action

  • Use an item - you may activate one item

  • Crafting Item (not arcade mode) - discard the correct amount of scavenge cards to craft any item (making sure you keep to your hand limit of 6)

  • Carry injured team mate - again must be hex based

  • Scavenge - you may draw a card from the Scavenge deck, these count to your hand limit of six.

Werewolves' Move Werewolves hunt with smell, and each move two hexes at a time towards the closest target hex, always using the clearest and most direct route if there are more than one valid targets. Then the werewolves split up equally. If they end up adjacent to or in a target's hex they can attack during the attack phase.

Characters' Attack Characters attack by choosing a weapon and a target within line of sight (LOS. They spend the weapon ammo cost, select the amount of dice required and then they then roll them and combine the total values (e.g. 5 dice, "3", "2", "6", "4", "1" totalling 16 damage). You tthen remove werewolves (within LOS) equalling the total toughness. For example, it is toughness four for dusk werewolves, meaning with 16 damage you could remove four of them.

Werewolves' Attack

So this is where things differ. These crazy fools do not need to roll dice, as long as they have LOS and are on or adjacent target hexes they automatically damage you. If you have not already taken a hit, you fall to the floor injured BUT if you have taken damage already then I am sorry you're dog food and dead!

Event Card

Draw a new event card and resolve it. It is THAT simple, some of the events are not! Sorry do not wish to spoil too much!


The components in Full Moon Jacket offer a blend of familiarity and uniqueness. While some elements may be standard, the standout feature lies in the exquisite miniature sculpts. These miniatures are not only visually appealing but also intricately designed, enhancing the immersive experience of the game. The artwork, reminiscent of the iconic visuals found in Vietnam War films, contributes to the game's ambiance. The deliberate incorporation of this typical aesthetic serves to transport players into the thematic setting, immersing them in the tense and atmospheric world of 1968 Vietnam. This attention to detail in both miniatures and artwork significantly elevates the game's overall presentation, making Full Moon Jacket a visually stunning and engaging tabletop experience.

At its core, Full Moon Jacket presents a straightforward objective: guide the colonel to safety by reaching the chopper or successfully escaping the map. Every time we heard this we all made the "Get to the chopper" jokes!

While the game mechanics maintain a user-friendly simplicity, it's the captivating campaign structure and remarkable replayability that truly distinguish the game, alongside its captivating miniature designs. The campaign format weaves a narrative thread that spans multiple sessions, creating an evolving story arc that draws players deeper into the game's world. This engrossing narrative progression, combined with the game's dynamic mechanics, ensures that each playthrough offers a distinct experience.

Moreover, the allure of Full Moon Jacket is magnificently amplified by the presence of its meticulously crafted miniatures. These miniatures, boasting intricate details and artistry, not only enhance visual appeal but also serve as immersive conduits to the game's thematic premise. With the campaign's unfolding storylines, diverse character abilities, and the unpredictable nature of the werewolf adversaries, the game's replayability quotient is remarkably high. This, coupled with the captivating miniatures, creates a winning formula that captures the attention of both tabletop enthusiasts and those seeking a rich and enthralling gaming experience.

Full Moon Jacket owes its creative vision to the design prowess of Paul D Allen, while its journey to players' tabletops is facilitated by the publishing efforts of Strangely Games, now recognised as Stone Sword Games ( This collaborative endeavour between designer and publisher not only brings the game to life, but also infuses it with a sense of credibility and expertise. With Paul D Allen's intricate game design and Stone Sword Games' commitment to quality, Full Moon Jacket emerges as a testament to the harmonious synergy between creative minds and dedicated publishers within the gaming industry.


​So, let's break it down for you in our key areas:

Replayability - excellent; with campaign mode, arcade mode and solo play, you are NOT short of variants of the same game to play!

Production Value - the price bracket of £105 is quite high BUT the replayability MAKES this worth it.

Theme - oozes with theme, I think this may become my new fav (war-ish) themed game!

Complexity - mid range complexity, the rules held our attention enough to convey the games premise without being overly complex, anyone who likes board games and tabletop war games like Warhammer should love this, they will certainly love painting the miniatures.

Rules - clear and clean. I had no issues understanding these rules (some designers could learn from this)

Uniqueness - Not particularly unique, just well executed.

Value - it's not BUT still cheaper than an evening out!

Full Moon Jacket - Rating 6/6

I am giving this a solid 6/6, I have played boardgames that cross the realms between being a boardgame and a tabletop war game and this crosses over really well The replayability and miniatures make this for me ... even at this price point this reviewer is convinced its worth it!

Your DoaLG Founder

Mr Chris

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